CBI hands new information to police after report of ‘serious criminal offence’


The scandal-hit CBI, Britain’s biggest employers’ group, says it has passed fresh information to the police relating to a report of a “serious criminal offence”.

The body said it was “liaising closely” with officers as it remains mired by allegations of historic workplace misconduct.

They culminated in chief executive Tony Danker being sacked earlier this month and three other current employees being suspended.

The CBI has made clear previously that Mr Danker was not the subject of the most serious allegations, including rape, that had been made to date.

Nevertheless, he hit out at the organisation’s handling of the affair in an interview earlier this week, claiming he had been made the “fall guy” for the CBI’s failings as an employer going back before his tenure.

While he admitted several instances of making colleagues feel “very uncomfortable”, he has denied any suggestion of wrongful physical contact and complained that his reputation has been wrongly trashed.

The CBI responded by saying the decision to dismiss him was made on strong legal advice and he was free to seek redress if he felt poorly treated.