Tesla Cybertruck beta prototype spotted ahead of production start


A Tesla Cybertruck prototype, likely a new beta build based on updated features, has been spotted ahead of the electric pickup truck’s production start.

For a vehicle that is expected to go into production in just a few months, prototypes of the Cybertruck have been rarely spotted being tested in the wild.

As far as we know, Tesla only had two or three Cybertruck prototypes until recently.

During a conference call following the release of its Q4 2022 financial results last week, Lars Moravy, vice president of vehicle engineering at Tesla, confirmed that Tesla built a fleet of new Cybertruck Beta prototypes.

Moravy said about Tesla’s Cybertruck production:

We’ve started installation of all the production equipment here in Giga Texas, castings, GA, general assembly, body shops. We built all our beta vehicles, some more coming still in the next month, but as you said, the ramp will really come 2024.

Now we are bound to see some of those Beta builds driving around, and it looks like the first one was spotted yesterday.

Flavio Tronzano posted on Instagram a Tesla Cybertruck spotted in Palo Alto yesterday:

Tesla Cybertruck Beta prototype

While it’s hard to confirm that this is a new beta prototype, there are some features pointing to it.

For example, this Cybertruck features new side mirrors in a triangular shape.

Of course, Tesla’s hope was to offer the Cybertruck without side mirrors and instead use cameras that feed into screens inside the electric pickup truck, but regulations in the US prevent that. The lack of side mirrors can significantly improve aerodynamic performance, resulting in improved efficiency and longer range.

CEO Elon Musk has previously talked about Tesla potentially delivering the truck with removable side mirrors and letting owners decide.

The Cybertruck in the picture also appears to have a working tonneau cover, which was not seen on the last prototype. The same goes for what appears to be a working side window.

Tesla recently said that it aims to bring the Cybertruck to production this summer, but we shouldn’t expect significant deliveries until 2024, when the automaker will ramp up to volume production.

In the meantime, we should expect to spot more Cybertruck beta prototypes in the wild. If you spot one, don’t hesitate to send your sightings our way at fred@electrek.co.

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