Tesla reports two new fatal crashes involving Autopilot or FSD Beta

Report ID Report Version Reporting Entity Report Type Report Month Report Year Report Submission Date VIN VIN – Unknown Serial Number Make Model Model – Unknown Model Year Model Year – Unknown Same Vehicle ID Mileage Mileage – Unknown Driver / Operator Type ADAS/ADS Version ADAS/ADS Version – Unknown ADAS/ADS Version CBI ADS Equipped? Automation System Engaged? Operating Entity Operating Entity – Unknown Source – Complaint/Claim Source – Telematics Source – Law Enforcement Source – Field Report Source – Testing Source – Media Source – Other Source – Other Text Incident Date Incident Date – Unknown Notice Received Date Incident Time (24:00) Incident Time – Unknown Same Incident ID Latitude Latitude  – Unknown Longitude Longitude – Unknown Address Address – Unknown City City – Unknown State Zip Code Zip Code – Unknown Roadway Type Roadway Surface Roadway Description Posted Speed Limit (MPH) Posted Speed Limit – Unknown Lighting Weather – Clear Weather – Snow Weather – Cloudy Weather – Fog/Smoke Weather – Rain Weather – Severe Wind Weather – Unknown Weather – Other Weather – Other Text Crash With Highest Injury Severity Property Damage? CP Pre-Crash Movement CP Any Air Bags Deployed? CP Was Vehicle Towed? CP Contact Area – Rear Left CP Contact Area – Left CP Contact Area – Front Left CP Contact Area – Rear CP Contact Area – Top CP Contact Area – Front CP Contact Area – Rear Right CP Contact Area – Right CP Contact Area – Front Right CP Contact Area – Bottom CP Contact Area – Unknown SV Pre-Crash Movement SV Any Air Bags Deployed? SV Was Vehicle Towed? SV Were All Passengers Belted? SV Precrash Speed (MPH) SV Pre-crash Speed – Unknown SV Contact Area – Rear Left SV Contact Area – Left SV Contact Area – Front Left SV Contact Area – Rear SV Contact Area – Top SV Contact Area – Front SV Contact Area – Rear Right SV Contact Area – Right SV Contact Area – Front Right SV Contact Area – Bottom SV Contact Area – Unknown Data Availability – EDR Data Availability – Police Rpt Data Availability – Telematics Data Availability – Complaints Data Availability – Video Data Availability – Other Data Availability – No Data Data Availability – Unknown Law Enforcement Investigating? Investigating Agency Investigating Agency – Unknown Rep Ent Or Mfr Investigating? Investigating Officer Name Inv. Officer Name – Unknown Investigating Officer Phone Inv. Officer Phone – Unknown Investigating Officer Email Inv. Officer Email – Unknown Within ODD? Within ODD? – CBI Narrative Narrative – CBI?

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