Xos adds DC fast chargers to its repertoire to support passenger and commercial EVs


Commercial EV manufacturer Xos, Inc. has announced a further expansion of its infrastructural offerings to support fleet and passenger EV drivers alike. The company’s “Xos Energy Solutions” business unit will now offer a new suite of DC fast chargers, delivering portable and wall-mounted power between 30kW and 300kW.

Xos Inc. ($XOS) is a SoCal-based EV manufacturer specializing in Class 5 to 8 commercial trucks and power trains. Its fleet began with its SV05 Stepvan, which has since been purchased by last-mile delivery companies like FedEx Ground.

In addition to commercial EVs sitting atop its proprietary electric platforms and its series of battery systems, Xos Inc. has expanded into other electric mobility divisions as well. This includes “Powered by Xos,” which manufactures non-highway EVs, like forklifts, and its business unit, “Xos Energy Solutions.”

To date, the latter has introduced mobile charging solutions like its Xos Hub, which will enter full-fledged production in Q4 of this year, plus consultancy services for fleets to ensure they implement the necessary charging infrastructure to support them as they transition toward commercial EVs.

Today, Xos Energy Solutions is expanding with a new suite of fast chargers that cover a wide range of EV charging solutions.

Xos Chargers
Specs of Xos’ five new fast chargers / Source: Xos, Inc.

Xos’s new chargers can offer up to 300kW

The company shared details of the five new chargers in a press release today, including the specs you see above. We’d argue that a charger has to at least provide 50 kW to be considered a DC fast charger, but still, the 150kW and 300kW options are right on par with most of the industry right now.

Although it only delivers 30kW of power, the portable EV charger showcased in the video below can recharge a truck in one to four hours. Furthermore, it can also support commercial fleets that may not have their depots fully integrated with necessary charging piles yet, similar to Xos’ Hub trailer, but on a much smaller scale.

By providing smaller and more efficient charging technology, Xos can provide products to passenger EV owners for the first time, while the heavier duty DC fast chargers can support commercial fleets by delivering shorter charge times, getting those EVs back on roads more quickly. Xos Energy Solutions director of sales Kyle Garvin spoke to the potential of the company’s new suite of chargers:

The availability, portability, and convenience of the Xos DC Fast Chargers makes them the perfect solution to fit any electric fleet’s needs. We’re committed to providing our fleet customers with the best charging solutions and fleet management tools so they can keep uptime high and continue seeing greater savings on total cost of ownership.

According to Xos, these new chargers are on sale now and the company already has its first customer in place. Chicago-based linen and uniform provider Morgan Services, Inc. has purchased nine Xos DC fast chargers to be installed throughout its locations in Los Angeles. Here’s an introductory video from Xos showcasing the new chargers.

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